October 2016 Release Notes


Table Level Indexing:

Make search more efficient!  Introducing, table level indexing. Indices allow TrackVia to more efficiently search through large sets of data.  You can now customize which fields within your table will be indexed!

Step 1: Go to the Table Designer

Step 2: In the field editor of the field you would to index, you’ll find a checkbox option that says “Field is Indexed”  once selected, an additional option will allow you to select what type of search TrackVia will run:

  • Starts with

  • Identical to

  • Contains

You can choose multiple fields to index (Up to 5)

Step 3: Save your choices and you're done!

NOTE:  If you choose to index a field, TrackVia will no longer search ALL fields in the table. It will ONLY search the fields that have been indexed.  This would only affect search via the search bar or the Link to Parent fields.  Quick filters will still be able to filter based on any field within the table.

Child Concatenate Function:

A new formula was released that allows users to choose the order in which child record information can is concatenated into in the parent.  The new formula is

childconcatenateorderby() and you can read more about how it works Here.

Performance Related Release:

Forms and views should load faster!

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