August 2014 Release Notes

August 22

By popular demand, we released several minor tweaks to make TrackVia tidier and easier to work with

Easier reading of data
  • Shrunk the default font size on Forms
  • Reduced the vertical height of data rows in grid views
  • No longer translating dates into named days; all dates should now simply display as MM/DD/YYYY. (And for our non-US customers, be on the look out for more date formatting options in the near future!)
  • Right-aligned all number fields in a grid view

Easier grid view interaction
  • Horizontal scrollbars always docked to the bottom of the visible grid; no need to scroll all the way to the bottom to get a scrollbar. Simply hover over a grid view to see them.
  • "Show per page" setting remembered: when you change 25 to 50, for example, TrackVia will remember that for you throughout your session, and your preference won't affect anyone else's
  • Hovering over data on the grid now displays the content for any field, where previously only paragraph fields displayed this. AND, there is a short delay so casual pointer movements don't fire the hover text.

August 4

This release centers around getting more filtering possibilities out of date fields, but we sprinkled in some extra filtering power while we were at it:

Date fields: Filter based on the passage of time (and of course the current day & time)
  • Create dynamic views that show you information based on the current date & time. No more hard-coding date ranges to get information for "tomorrow" or "3 days ago". Have a look at the added options for filtering on dates next time you're building a filter; we're positive these new options will save you lots of, well...time!
Use TrackVia system fields in Filters

You can now leverage the following fields when constructing a filter
  • Record Created Date
  • Record Updated Date
  • Record Created By User
  • Record Updated By User

Lastly, we've added a "contains" capability when filtering on text fields. This is essentially a wildcard match that let's you filter on keywords contained anywhere in a text field; it does not have to be an exact match on the entire contents of a text field.

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