October 2014 Release Notes

October 28

Today we released a handful of performance and Table integrity enhancements:

Import to Update records
  • Improved speed on import-to-update jobs, with notable performance increases when linking import files to multiple related tables during import

New Table and Table relationships UI locking

  • We had several reports of Tables getting corrupted because of simultaneous Table edits stepping on each other when multiple admins are making changes
  • Now, when a Table or it's relationships are being modified by one user, another user attempting to make edits to that same table will get a message indicating the Table is locked. This lock will go away when the first edit is completely saved.
  • This message and locking process applies to the Table Designer and and the Table Relationship pages

October 9

New iOS (iPhone & iPad) app release! You can read all about the new features on the TrackVia Blog

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