February 2015 Release Notes

February 20

TrackVia Lanes

With this latest release, Enterprise customers can use a new view type called swimlanes.  Lanes are great for managing tasks.  They are made up of lanes and cards.  Lanes are determined by a dropdown field and any field can be used as a label for the cards.  Dragging a card between the lanes will change the dropdown value for the record.  Learn more in this Knowledge Base Article!

February 18

Extended Custom Branding

With this latest release, Enterprise+ customers can extend their UI branding themes to:

TrackVia emails (welcome, forgot password, triggered notifications)
  • Overwrite references to "TrackVia" in the body and from name of emails
  • Extend custom colors and logos to emails
Additional User Interface branding
  • Overwrite "TrackVia" name in the browser title tab
  • Use a custom Favicon image

February 4th

Record Geotagging!

With the latest Desktop, iOS, and Android release you have the ability to Capture the Location at which Records are Created.

New Location at Creation Field Type
  • Add a Location at Creation field to your table to get started.
  • Set Location Capture to required specifically for your mobile users!
  • Add the field to a form and enable location services to start Geotagging records!

  • View and filter location data that you have captured!
  • Open records and get one tap directions!

If you need any help enabling this new feature please check out this Help Article or contact our customer success team.

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