April 2015 Release Notes

April 28

Role Building, Usability Improvements

We've made some changes to the layout of the Role Builder page to better organize the page:

  1. Tightened up the layout and moved the Role type to radio buttons next to the Role name
  2. All Views and Forms are now organized by the table they connect to
  3. Removed the "Forms for Creating Records" section -- This is now consolidated underneath a single "Tables: Assign Views and Forms". It is now simpler to visually scan to see if there are any create record forms (right side of table bar) or Assigned Views (left side)
  4. Single drop-down box for setting a Create Record Form a table
  5. The Views listed in the Add/Remove dialog are now filtered by the table to which they belong, making the search and assignment process tidier.  You can now also sort the list of Available Views in the window to Add/Remove.

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