May 2015 Release Notes

May 21

Sharing for Android

Today we are bringing you the sharing feature for Android that we have on the Web.  Send records and views to your colleagues, clients, or vendors. 

May 19

Custom "powered by" logo in email notifications

Customers with the proper custom branding features enabled now have the ability to include their custom logo in place of the "Powered by [TrackVia logo]" in the footer of automatic email notifications.

May 15

Data Loss Prevention Features

Using TrackVia's DLP features you can limit which features your users will have access to.  Features that can be limited include print, sharing, and view export.  Access these DLP features in the role designer.

Limited User Export

Limited users now have the option to export views just like admins.  Don't worry admins... using the DLP features in this release you can determine which views can be exported and by which users.

May 13

Email Sharing from the Web

You can now share views and forms from web.  Choose the share option from any view or record and email to anyone.  Emails contain links back to TrackVia for recipients that are registered users.  Your browser will remember recipients and auto-complete them for you.

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