June 2015 Release Notes

June 29

Offline feature now available in iOS and Android Apps. 

Here’s a recap of the What’s New in both Platforms:

iOS 2.6.0
Now you can take TrackVia’s mobile capabilities offline. With the new offline feature, you can now add records even without connectivity. You can take pictures and link other records - all without needing a connection. The app automatically syncs data when it detects a live connection. You can choose to allow syncing to occur only over WiFi or use a cellular internet connection.  

You can always manually initiate the sync.
Bad connection? No connection? No Problems!

In addition to the offline feature, we have squashed some pesky bugs:

- for non US regional settings, currency field will allow entering data.
- for percentage cells, value sometimes disappeared on scrolling the form. this is fixed.
- calculated fields did not automatically refresh after editing a record. this is now working.

Android 1.6.0
- Offline mode for record creation
- Forms can now be viewed in landscape orientation
- Upgraded HTTP library
- Improved bar code scanning functionality
- Other bug fixes and improvements

June 24

Minor fix to table field name changes not being reflected in views

Previously, when field names are changed at the table level, those changes did not properly propagate to viewsNow:
  • If you have a view with a custom field label and change a table field name, TrackVia will honor the view's custom label
  • If you do NOT have a custom field label on a view, a change to the table field name will propagate to the view field name
We have applied this update to existing views as well.

June 23

Sharing feature available in iOS app

    Today sharing was released for iOS.  You now have the ability to share reports and forms to anyone from any of our platforms.  iOS and Android devices, and the Web!

    June 22

    Minor fixes & enhancements
    • Printing Forms: Improved layout, including a fix to properly display link field content (user fields and relationship fields)
    • My Profile page: Fixed issues for LastPass plugin users
    • Hyphenated email addresses: Fixed a line wrapping issue in the navigation header for users with hyphens in their email address

    June 16

    Enhancements to navigation headers

    Today we made some small improvements to make the primary navigation and dashboard tab bar more "responsive" for varying screen resolutions. Specifically:

    Primary Navigation
    • Depending on screen size or browser zoom levels, the text and logo buttons will collapse to smaller icons to retain navigation abilities while maintaining a static vertical height
    Dashboard Tabs
    • The number of dashboard tabs will no longer be artificially limited. Now, TrackVia will display as many tabs as space allows and only collapse to a "More" menu when horizontal space runs out.

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