September 2015 Release Notes

September 30

Defect fixes and enhancements to Scheduled Reports.

September 28

Defect fixes.

September 25

Performance improvements and defect fixes.

September 23

New Formula Support!!!
  • ischecked() function, find out whether a specific value is checked in a checkbox field.  Syntax:  ischecked("Criteria",{Field}), use it in a logic function.  Check the knowledge base for more information.
  • isblank() is now supported for checkboxes.  Use this in a logic function to determine whether anything is checked at all.
  • not() function.  Use this to negate a formula, returning the opposite result.  For example if not(isblank({Field})) will let me see if a field is not blank.
  • null() function.  Use this to output a null value as the result of a calculation.  For example if(isblank({Field}),"Incomplete",null())

September 18

This release included more performance improvements and defect fixes.

September 17

Several minor updates occurred today:
  • performance improvements for both web and mobile products
  • fixed a problem with duplicate scheduled reports
  • tightened up some low risk, low probability findings from a recent security review
September 14 - iOS App 2.8.0 released

Thank you for your feedback! There are a good amount of issues that we have fixed in this version. 

* now if you have unsaved data, you will be warned prior to navigating away 
* readonly fields no longer are part of validation or prevent record save
* sorting columns in a grid in offline mode no longer conflicts with offline data
* fixed a rare issue where some offline records did not upload properly 
* made login process faster
* forms on iPhone and iPad are now more roomy and spacious
* urls and emails fields truncate whitespace automatically 
* improved caching for faster performance

we have also fixed some rare crashes.

September 10 - Android App 1.8.0 released

* Bug fixes
* Support for settings for multiple users
* Improved deep linking functionality

September 1

Scheduled Reports!

New admin option in Share menu allows you to send views out on a schedule. 
  • schedule daily/weekly/monthly (and even end of the month) reports
  • send to people in the organization or to external email addresses
  • use 'current user' filter to send out custom reports to all recipients
  • test scheduled reports using our 'send now' feature

Updates to Share feature

  • We've added the ability to send to TrackVia roles
  • Message size has increased to 1500 characters

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