January 2016 Release Notes

January 26

Charts... BAM!

Today we updated our charting package!  

In addition to a new look a feel, we added Pareto Charts.  You will find this option as an available chart type when creating a new view.

We have also introduced Color Formatting for Charts with this release.  After you have created a chart, open the View Options Menu in the upper right corner and select Change Colors.  

January 24

Quick Filter Update

We are making quick filters more performant by adding an apply button.  For enterprise customers this will make data results from a quick filter faster than before.

January 18

Minor Bug/UX Squashing

After our last two releases we had some customer feedback that we made searching difficult.  So we made it easy again!  Additionally, we fixed a couple of defects.

January 15

Mobile Form Customization

This feature gives even more control when configuring forms for our mobile apps.  Turn special functionality on/off for specific field types.  For example, control which fields can be filled out with a barcode scanner and which image fields will now accept signatures.

Other Maintenance

In this release we also included a few defect fixes for Bulk Edit/Delete and Preferred Parent Views on forms.

January 11

Dashboard Upgrade

This release has vastly improved our dashboard designer and now allows for more customized page layouts.  Hover over your dashboard name and click the edit pencil to adjust your page layout.  The new dashboards also give you more control over white space

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