March 2016 Release Notes

March 28

Show / Hide Rules on Forms

We are making forms easier to use! With our new show/hide feature, you can add some simple logic to your forms to show or hide information based on previously entered values. For an overview of some of the benefits, jump over to our blog ( - or get more detail about the feature in the help docs ( Hope you love it!

March 21

Dashboard Shortcuts

This latest workflow feature allows you configure your dashboards to include custom buttons that will jump you and your users to add record forms, searches, and views.  

Our advanced mobile users should check out the "Scan First on Mobile" option for searching.  This will allow you users to click one button to scan a barcode and retrieve a record.  

We have also fixed a few defects with today's release.


March 11


This release contains performance improvements for calculations and other defect fixes.

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