July 2016 Release Notes


Application Scripts ( & maintenance)

Did you miss us?

Application Scripts was a rather large project, but definitely worth the wait! Application scripts solve several of our top feature asks: batch record create, auto link to parent, and a myriad of calculations that weren't possible with calculated fields. 

As the name suggests, Application Scripts are snippets of code that you're now able to layer into your application, more specifically, when you insert, update or delete data from your tables. The scripts are written in a language called Groovy, which is a bit like javascript, but easier. So while this is a bit of a departure from our 'drag and drop' simplicity, the additional capabilities and power you get from these scripts is worth the tradeoff. 

We're building out documentation as we speak, so stay tuned for more help articles, best practices and snippets of code you can use with your Application Scripts. 

IMPORTANT: Application Scripts are not turned on by default in your account. Please talk to your account executive or favorite support person to enable Application Scripts in your account. Happy scripting!

P.S. We also released a handfull of bug fixes too. 

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