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Create sub-folder in views

For my main Table I have created approx. 50 different views and about 15 of these are graphs/charts. I would like to have a way to organize these into sub-folders, so I can find the view I want to access quickly. I could have a "FY 14-15" folder, "FY 15-16" folder, etc. This would also improve navigation for my users who may not know what a specific view is named, but they could narrow their search down by viewing the content of category (i.e. sub-folder).

Having an icon next to the view name that visually depicts if is a graph, or list view would also be helpful.

Thanks TV!!

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  • Alex commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi Christie,

    This is a great enhancement that is on our radar. The App Overview page's original purpose was to be your one-stop spot in the app that would allow you to see every table, view, form, etc that made up your app.

    With the large increase in app size, this page has become cluttered and unsustainable. Our product team is looking to streamline this page so that these elements are easier to locate, edit, and view. We'll be sure to update you and this post with any developments!



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