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Timestamped record changes

Can I set up Trackvia to record changes in records (timestamp) and run reports to compare current data with the same data at different periods.

e.g. Property was empty last week, now occupied. Want to run a report as at last week and as at today. The report would show data held in trackvia at an historic point in time.

Occupancy Field might show NO at Dec 2016, YES at Jan 2016

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  • Charisse commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I am looking to track the timestamp of checkboxes. These checkboxes are currently used to move a request to the next department, and I would like to calculate both workdays and non-workdays for each department.

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    It would be possible to create a separate table that could be used for historical data. You could then use custom app scripts to record those changes as new timestamped records on your new table. If you would like advice specific to your account, please feel free to call our Support Team at 800-673-3302 at your convenience to discuss this further!



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