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Sending/sharing/emailing a record or scheduled report as an attachment


I work for a healthcare organization. One of our departments uses TrackVia on a near daily basis. We have very recently upgraded from the classic version to the Enterprise+ version.

Is there any way that we can use the "Share Record" feature, but instead of TrackVia printing out the data in the body of the email (the users have told me this can't be done for HIPAA reasons), the data can be sent as an attachment? Either a Word document or .csv or Excel spreadsheet is fine; it's just for our purposes, we cannot have the data printed out in the body of the email and I cannot seem to find an option or feature that helps us with this issue. In the past, we've used Document Merge from the classic TrackVia in order to send a single record's data and attach it to an email ourselves, but apparently this feature isn't in the new TrackVia either. I really don't want to have to go back and tell our users they'll have to create a view for the single record they want to share in order to export it as a spreadsheet every time they want to send it to someone else. Is there a way to just see the data of a single record in the form of an attachment (spreadsheet or Word document is fine) without creating a view just for that one record since Document Merge is no longer available?

Similarly, is there a way for scheduled reports to be sent as a spreadsheet attachment instead of printed in the body of the email?

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  • Justin Mauldin commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi Kimberley,

    Thank you for contacting us with your question.

    We, unfortunately, do not currently have the ability to just attach your records in a file to your shared records and not have them display in the email message body. That is a great enhancement request to be added to the system for HIPAA compliance that I have logged with our engineers.

    As an alternative, we actually do have the Document Merge feature in the new 2.0 system now that would be a good workaround. It is a feature that has to be added to your account and something you would have to speak with your account manager Nina Berger about.

    We will be sure to alert you if/when your feature request is implemented into the system.

    Thanks again,


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