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Using application script, add days to a date that was set in a form

Users set "First Day" creating a new record.
I have it in my script: def fday = currentValues["First Day"]
Than I want to add for example 30 days and save this new date in a date field. (using script)

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    To add 30 days to your date with application scripts, you first need to create a variable with the original date, like this:

    Date newDate = currentValues["First Day"] as Date

    Next, you can update the variable by adding 30. If you add an integer to a date, application scripts will always treat that integer as a number of days (as opposed to hours, months, etc).:

    newDate = newDate + 30

    Finally, save the updated variable into the new date field.:

    currentValues["New Date"] = newDate as Date

    I hope this is helpful. If you have any additional questions on this, feel free to contact our support team directly at



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