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Retrieve Value from Grand-Parent Table?

Is it possible to retrieve the value from a field in a grand-parent table?

I've tried modifying the format of retrieving from a parent field by adding additional "connectors", but not getting it to work.

{Table Name}.{Relationship Name}.{Relationship Name}.{Field Name}, or
{Table Name}.{Relationship Name}.{Table Name}.{Relationship Name}.{Field Name}

I could "step" the values down one level at a time, but thought it would be easier to go straight to the source.


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  • Derrick Kotlus commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi John,

    TrackVia does not currently have the capability to do a "grand parent" lookup. As you pointed out, you can accomplish a similar functionality by creating a parent lookup field in the child table then another parent lookup field in the grand child table that pulls from the first parent lookup that you created. In this way, you can create many levels of parent lookups to cascade information from table to table. We will let our product team know that you would like to see this functionality in order to simplify this process.

    Hope this helps!


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