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Is there a maximum number of IF statements I can nest?

I ask this because when I go to save the calculated field a dialog box appears stating: "We've had a minor problem. We can't tell if your request completed. Please click OK below to refresh your browser." Prior to this dialog box appearing, however, a string of text appears (stating: "Large tables usually save in under a minute. Feel free to leave this page, we'll let you know when this is saved") atop the whited out page as the calculated field is saved - see attachment "Problem with IF Statement."

Also, once I paste the copied IF statement formula into the text area in the Edit Table screen, not all of the references (such as {AVG Rank to Use} & {ScanPower Product Group}) are highlighted in pale green. Is the first reference that is not highlighted in green the point in the formula where the maximum number of references has been met?

I've also attached a text document of the IF statement itself for you to review.

My apologies if this question has already been addressed in the forums, but after a thorough search I was unable to find any posts relating to this question.

Thanks for your help,

Justin Newbrough

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  • Alex commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi Justin,

    While there is not a definite limit to the number of if() statements that can be nested, there is a limit to the size of the query that is generated by the formula. Briefly scanning over the attached formula, there is one function that is not supported by TrackVia: IFERROR. This function would need to be removed or modified in order for the table to save. A complete list of our supported functions can be found in our Knowledge Base:

    Additionally, the formula as a whole looks to be too large and would hit the query limit. We recommend submitting a ticket through your account to support so that we may better understand what the purpose of the formula would be. This would also allow us to better understand the use case and provide specific recommendations for a scalable solution.



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