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Better Formula Error Handling

I would like to see better handling, and location identifications, of formula errors in the Table Builder.

Currently, we will receive an error that says "near character NN", then the entire formula is provided - which doesn't help identify where the error is at.

Is is possible to either:

1) Add Line numbers the left side (Y-axis) then update the formula to identify the line number?

2) Update the error message to only include the portion of the formula that is in error - maybe 10-15 characters on either side of the problem?

3) Fix the automated color coding in the Result Formula box so it A) actually works, and B) shows any potential error prior to saving?

Any of the above, or combination of each, would really help us location character 787 without having to manually count out each character and spaces.

I'm even willing to copy and paste into another application that can highlight a specified character (by number). Does anyone know of such an app?

Thanks !

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  • Matt Cox commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I agree! The auto suggest/complete feature seems to work sporadically at times as well.

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