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Latitude & Longitude

Love the ability when entering a location that latitude and longitude is displayed as separate entries. I would like the ability to be able to use those coordinates (Latitude & Longitude) in a formula to make our own maps, specifically for our business. I tried using the "Location" field and snipping it and also simply copying it, but neither method works.

I have no clue if this is a major issue, or can be done, but would appreciate it, if possible.

Thank you.


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  • Lee Waronker commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


    Thanks for your help. I found a workaround to use the "Location" field when exporting to Excel. This field (Location) exports as such "80204
    39.732664, -105.013986". When exporting I set "Location" to be the last field (column) when exported to Excel. In Excel, after the merge, the heading says "Location" and the Latitude & Longitude come in as above, with the comma.

    I type over the "Location" header and enter "Latitude, Longitude". Next in Excel on the ribbon I choose "Data", then "Text to Columns". Follow the steps to choose "comma delimited". This creates two separate columns; one with the header of Latitude and the other with a header of "Longitude". This Excel can now be used with most, if not all, map programs as most require a separate column for Lat & Long. Hope this helps someone with mapping data.

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    Hi Lee,

    We're not certain what you mean here? Location fields can be used in a formula using the distance() function which would return the miles between those two points for a single record.


    Send us your use case at and we can investigate further.



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