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When will you make it print friendly? now the words are so big and the run over to so many pages

the words are so big and the run over to so many pages when printed.

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  • Brendan Hofer commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi, I have configured a time record management system for track via, but am having issues with printing out customer job sheets used for invoicing, and staff time sheets used by our payroll officer.

    The main issue is the system can not seem to scale the selected form's output to the selected printer paper size. For example, both the above reports need to be printed out as an A3 document into a pdf application, the pdf saved, then I need to use Adobe Reader to print the document to an A4 sized page.

    This is quite frustrating, and I would very much like to see this resolved.

    The second issue is that the embedded views in the forms keeps forgetting the pre set column widths every couple of weeks, we have to go into the admin area and adjust the width in the effected views.

    The other issue with the scaling of the page is that even with an A3 print out, the column headings in the embedded view are not fully shown: Eg Onsite Time is displayed as Onsite... Breaks is displayed as Bre....

    However, over the previous printing support, this has been implemented much better, but still needs some work

  • Michelle McDonnell commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    We absolutely need a printer friendly version. At this time, the current options for printing are not satisfactory and cannot be utilized. This is creating a major roadblock in our process and goals for TrackVia.

  • Derrick Kotlus commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


    We are looking to improve the printing functionality of TrackVia. Would you be able to provide a few more details about your use case in order to help us better understand your needs?

    Until we make changes to the printing options, you can print your data in two different ways. The first would be to simply right click on the form/view you want to print then click the print option. You can also export your view to excel and print your excel spreadsheet. As always, we thank you for your feedback!


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