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Row Width Settings and cell margins

The Row Height Setting feature is great, and I would like to see something similar for row width. Currently, you must manually double-click or click and drag the row border to re-size a row's width. These adjustments are lost upon logout and need to be made every time I log in again. I would like to set the widths so they are all uniform.

Also, the column margins could be tighter. The header's (Field name/Title) cell margins don't need to be so big. When you make the row width too small you get "..." which takes up alot of space. I'd rather see more of the column title and have it just be cut off if it doesn't fit.

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  • Andrew commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi Christie,

    Glad to hear that you like our dynamic row height feature that was recently released. With the suggestion for the enhancement to the Row Widths, you are manually dragging and modifying the borders between the columns, correct?

    If you modify the column widths, you will be able to save these preferences in a View. However, it must be a custom View - the Default View, or the Table, will not allow for this option, as the column width are automatically set.

    Often, customers will create a View that has non-essential Fields (e.g., cutting out backend calculations) and will place this View on a dashboard, rather than using the Default View. Reducing the number of fields in a view can have performance improvements, and it will allow you to set a custom option for the Column size.

    As for the second suggestion, to reduce the column margin size, I will be sure to pass this along to our UI teams.



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