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Searching around the knowledge base for help, I've run into this comment time and time again from TrackVia support:
"I have logged your comments on that request, and if you would like to reach out to support with your identity we would be happy to keep you in the loop with any changes to that functionality."
Some of these date back to 2010! (Most of the ones I have interest in are from around 2014) I understand of course that you can't do everything the users ask for, but could you please point me to a list of the features and requests that actually ARE being worked on, so we know what to expect (or need to create a workaround for) in the future?
Thank You,
Mike (Long time "Classic" user trying to deal with the "New" system)

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  • Alex commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi Mike,

    You can see all of our recently released feature in our product release notes in the Knowledge Base, the article is here:

    We will also label each posting here in the forum with one of several, color coded statues: Under Review, Planned, Started, and Completed. After each release, we will email those who have requested that feature and will update the community posts as well.

    Unfortunately there is not a place to go to see the queue of features that we are working as their release dates are not necessarily set in stone. If there is a specific feature you are looking for, you can review the other requests on the forum for one of our labels, check the product release notes, or reach out to us directly at or in our support center at



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