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Time Clock

I have the bones of a basic time clock to punch in/out and take lunch. The issue I'm having is tracking if someone is tardy. I'm drawing blanks for calculating if someone is clocking in 11 mins or more past their scheduled start time. There is no time only field to log a start time for comparison.

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  • Matt Cox commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Thanks for the input! I actually just finished this up last week. It's setup with some app scrips and tracks is someone is tardy, the location of their clock-in/clock-out as well as the start and end of lunch break, calculates over time and has an approval process in place. next i am going to tie it into the PTO process i created to automatically add PTO hours to total times.

  • John McGarvey commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    HI Matt,
    This is just an idea of how I would approach this. I've never created a time card system, so I'm just taking a stab in the dark.

    From your timecard app/table, create a parent table of employees that would be filling out timecards. On the parent table, you can add a number field to be populated with the minutes a persons shift starts.

    If they start at the hour, enter 00.
    If they start at the half hour, enter 30.

    From the (child) timecard table, you can add some type of calculated field to snip out the minutes of the date/time field (scheduled start time) and compare with the value entered in their parent profile record.

    If they are scheduled to start at the hour (00), and their timecard has :11, then you know they showed up late - of course a data/time fields is not system driven so any value could be entered.

    Also, on the parent table add an Application User field and populate with the employees TrackVia account. With this, you can add a filter "where user is currently logged in" so only the employee (and admins) can see it.

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