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getChildren function

Regarding the getChildren function described in the app scripting documentation - I think it lacks some info. How do you use it properly?

getChildren "child table name", "link to parent name"

it's not only not working, but it doesn't make any sense: how would trackvia know which parent I am referring to if I only specify the link name, but not the value?

for reference, this is what is written in the docs:
Function: getChildren
Description: Get the associated child records.
Name of the child table
Name of the relationship
List of found child records

List childRecords = getChildren "Child Table", "Link to Parent"

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  • Alex commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi Alexandru,

    This is hard to assess without knowing your code and the use case that you are trying to apply this script to. App scripts are also outside the scope of normal support due to their complexity and customizability. In this simple case, the getChildren script gets all of the children for the given parent record that you are working on, therefore you do not need to specify which parent in the script itself.

    Having said that, better documentation of our app scripts is being worked on and will be posted when completed.



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