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Only find records in view that exactly match query string? /openapi/views/{viewId}/find

We would like to know how we can either:

1) ONLY find records in a specific view that *exactly* match our query string, and/or
2) Find records by looking for our query string within a given FIELD within the specified view.

With respect to #1 above we're running into some issues. For example, when searching for "John Doe - 123-456-7890" we ONLY want to find records that have our exact query string in a specific field within that view. But the TrackVia API is returning every record that has even one piece of our query string -- for instance, it's returning multiple records where "John Doe" appears and/or the phone number only "123-456-7890". This makes it difficult to lookup a specific, unique record without that record's Record ID.

With respect to #2, if there's a way to query a specific field/column WITHIN the view -- that might bring us closer to what we need. That way, at least we would be limiting the broadly matched queries within a specific field we can target, instead of scanning the entire table.

Can you please advise how we can accomplish these objectives? Thank you!

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  • Witte commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hello Steven,

    I can confirm that we do not have field specific searches, however I do believe that you could achieve this by utilizing our table index settings. Table indexing allows you to control the way that the search bar on your table behaves, including the ability to put 'Identical to' constraints on the fields on your choosing. This setting forces your search to only return values that identically match the value in the field you are searching, so if you are searching "John Doe - 123-456-7890", you would not return "Jane Smith - 123-456-7890" or "John Doe - 000-867-5309". Only an exact match to "John Doe - 123-456-7890" would return in the search. My understanding is that any searches you perform via the API honor these table index settings.

    Here is our Knowledge Base article on Indexing to assist you with setting that up:

    Indexing is not a perfect option for everyone, as it changes the way that searching behaves across the entirety of the table. If you would like to try to achieve this alternatively utilizing strictly the API, we may be able to lend some further direction there, however we would need a bit more information from you, starting with the language you are utilizing. If you would like to discuss this in further detail I would recommend reaching out directly to us in support with that information alongside a snippet of your code.

    Thank you,


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