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How do I change the link to get google maps?


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    Hi Mike,

    Thank you for reaching out. By default, all Location fields and Paragraph or Single Line fields containing addresses in TrackVia would open through Google Maps when opening a location on Android, and through Apple Maps when opening a location on iOS. That said, this setting can be changed and generally would depend on the device settings when it comes to Location and opening addresses. The App that the user gets redirected to would depend on the set default of the device. I have searched the Web, and was able to find a Google Help center post with a similar issue:

    For Android, it sounds like this behavior sometimes may happen if the default is set to Uber in the Android settings of the device. Some of the recommended solutions advise navigating to the App Manager, selecting "Uber", clicking on "Defaults", and clearing those default settings, or switching the "Open supported links" value to "Ask every time". Additionally, if you would like all apps to open addresses in Google Maps, I have found some suggestions advising to navigate to the Maps app in settings and selecting "Always".

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