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Is there a way to stamp the location field when updating rather than just creating a record?


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    Mariya commented  ·    ·  

    Hi Glen,

    Thank you for reaching out! If you are referring to the 'Location at Creation' feature that allows Admins to require location and capture it automatically, the location would only be captured at record creation, and the value would stay the same with record updates. If your goal is solely to capture location when a record is updated for the first time, you could remove the Location field from the form used for record creation, and only have the Location field on the form for record editing purposes. Once a user updates the record using this form, the system would automatically capture their current location. However, unlike the 'Location at Creation' feature, there is not a way to require this field to be filled out if location services are disabled on a user's device, and the user has the ability to alter this location manually.

    That being said, being able to capture location at record update and remove the option for users to enter a custom value would be extremely helpful, and this is an excellent suggestion for an enhancement! I have logged a ticket with our Product team for them to review and consider implementing this functionality in a future project. Once this feature is released to the system, you will be notified via email.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance in the meantime,

    Thank you,


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