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remove duplicate data after import excel file


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    Hi Esrana,

    To find the duplicates in a table, we recommend making a new summary view that groups by the record ID for the table as well as applies a COUNT summary function to the record ID. This will show all the record IDs in the table along with a quantity of how many times this record ID is present in the table. Any count greater than one is a duplicate record. Then, from the summary view, you can drill into the duplicate records to decide which records can be deleted.

    To create this summary view, first select the table where the duplicates can be found. Views can be created by clicking the green pencil at the top right side of the table. The summary view option will be under the Format tab of the view creator and will have two primary sections: Apply a calculation to field values? AND Group your results by one or more fields. Both sections will have a drop down of all the available fields from the table. In this case, both drop downs will be the record ID with the first section using the COUNT the Values as the summary function. The view can then be saved by clicking Save & Finish at the bottom of the page.




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