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edit the table schema



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    Henry commented  ·    ·

    Ok I found the challenges:
    1) it seems you have to first click to the database icon in upper right corner
    but when I first created an app from scratch there was no indication I needed to go there, I was stuck in table relations, while obviously when creating a table from scratch I need to be in the table builder as soon as the relation is set.

    2) when clicking on the database icon I found the app, yes the 'edit' button, I suppose it's there... hey I'm in the relations setting again... huhh, where to go to edit my table fields?

    3) let's try home page again.. no I can do stuff but still cannot find where to edit the table

    4) let's try the database icon again, let's click 'tables', hmm no not clickable, let's try edit again, no in relations setting I really cannot find a button to edit my table, let's look in each corner here, and click on all 'table' words, nope it really must be somewhere else

    5) let's have another look when clicking the database icon, hey my mouse pointer indicates I can also click on the app name... yes found a new page with tables forms etcetera, this is new, it must be there!

    6) let's click on the table name again, I just needed to click on the app name, it finally got me here, so I probably must click the table name now to further drill down to editing functionalities... No now I'm back in viewing the records! but.. I was under the impression I finally was in the admin section for the database apps and tables, how did I get back here, now I'm just viewing records (still empty table in this case).

    7) let's go again, database icon, click app on it's name because I learned edit is just for table relations and app name (so the most important call to action button seems to be missing here like 'edit/view tables', I thought edit would bring me where I needed to be, next I now did not click on the table name, but clicked edit below the table name.
    YES I found it, the table builder!!

    :) wow, and I thought I was very quick at finding functionalities, full disclosure: I did not yet have my coffee this morning and the above took place within in minutes.

    I think there is a big opportunity here.


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    TrackVia (Community Manager, TrackVia) commented  ·    ·  

    Thank you for the feedback, Henry! The application navigation is an item on our list we are looking to improve upon. Keep an eye out for an easier way to navigate from the App Designer (edit app) page to the Table Designer (edit table).


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