Knowledge Base

  1. Getting Started 

    1. Getting Started? Start here!
    2. Getting Started Guide - Download
    3. Complete Overview Video
    4. System Requirements
    5. Login Assistance
  2. Importing Data 

    1. How to import a spreadsheet
    2. How to import data
    3. How to import and link records to a related table
  3. Tables 

    1. How to add fields to your table
    2. How to customize tables
    3. Field Types
    4. How to create a unique ID
    5. How to link tables (and rename an app)
  4. Formulas 

    1. How to use calculated fields and formulas
    2. Complete List of Formulas
    3. Triggered Fields vs. Calculated Fields
    4. Text Functions
    5. Logic Functions
  5. Views & Charts 

    1. How to create views
    2. The differences between tables and views
    3. How to create a chart
    4. How to interact with views
    5. How to use notification rules
  6. Filters 

    1. How to create a filter
    2. How to use Quick Filters
  7. Forms 

    1. How to create a form
    2. How to assign a parent view to a relationship field
    3. How to create a form to include child records
    4. How to make specific fields required on a Form
    5. How to use form show / hide rules
  8. Dashboards 

    1. Dashboard Best Practices
    2. How to create a dashboard
    3. How to assign a dashboard to a role
    4. How to assign a dashboard as a homepage
  9. Flows 

    1. Flows Overview and Navigation
    2. How to Use Tasks
    3. How to Use Decisions
    4. How to Use Variables
    5. Flows End User Experience
  10. Creation Location & Map View 

    1. How to plot a record on a map
  11. Users, Roles, & Permissions 

    1. How to add a user to your account
    2. How to create a role to assign permissions
    3. How to add a user to a role
    4. How to create and assign user groups
  12. Mobile 

    1. iOS 4.0 Preview FAQ & Success Checklist
    2. How to download the TrackVia mobile app
    3. Mobile FAQs and Tips
    4. How to use your mobile device offline
    5. How to add a record offline
  13. Sandbox 

    1. How to create a sandbox
  14. Integration 

    1. TrackVia API
    2. API Authentication and Access
    3. Setting up Single Sign On
    4. Writing Application Scripts
    5. WebMerge: Connecting TrackVia to WebMerge
  15. Product Release Notes 

    1. September 2019 Platform Maintenance
    2. September 2019 Web Maintenance
    3. iOS Mobile App v4.2 Maintenance Release
    4. August 2019 Platform Maintenance
    5. Android Mobile App v2.21.6: Maintenance Release
  16. All articles 

    1. How to create a filter
    2. Getting Started? Start here!
    3. Dashboard Best Practices
    4. How to add a user to your account
    5. How to create a form

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