Knowledge Base

  1. Business Continuity 

    1. TrackVia Business Continuity and COVID-19 Update
  2. Getting Started 

    1. TrackVia University On-Demand: Orientation Course Series
    2. Getting Started? Start here!
    3. Complete Overview Video
    4. System Requirements
    5. Login Assistance
  3. Importing Data 

    1. TrackVia University: Importing Data Course
    2. How to import a spreadsheet
    3. How to import data
    4. How to import and link records to a related table
  4. Tables 

    1. TrackVia University On-Demand: Tables Course
    2. How to add fields to your table
    3. How to customize tables
    4. Field Types
    5. How to create a unique ID
  5. Formulas 

    1. TrackVia University On-Demand: Functions and Formulas Course
    2. How to use calculated fields and formulas
    3. Complete List of Formulas
    4. Triggered Fields vs. Calculated Fields
    5. Text Functions
  6. Views & Charts 

    1. TrackVia University On-Demand: Views Course
    2. How to create views
    3. The differences between tables and views
    4. How to create a chart
    5. How to interact with views
  7. Filters 

    1. How to create a filter
    2. How to use Quick Filters
  8. Forms 

    1. TrackVia University On-Demand: Forms Course
    2. How to create a form
    3. How to assign a parent view to a relationship field
    4. How to create a form to include child records
    5. How to make specific fields required on a Form
  9. Dashboards 

    1. TrackVia University On-Demand: Dashboards Course
    2. Dashboard Best Practices
    3. How to create a dashboard
    4. How to assign a dashboard to a role
    5. How to assign a dashboard as a homepage
  10. Flows 

    1. TrackVia University On-Demand: Flows Course
    2. Flows Overview
    3. Building a New Flow
    4. Using Tasks
    5. Using Decisions
  11. Creation Location & Map View 

    1. How to plot a record on a map
  12. Users, Roles, & Permissions 

    1. TrackVia University On-Demand: Permissions Course
    2. How to add a user to your account
    3. How to create a role to assign permissions
    4. How to add a user to a role
    5. How to create and assign user groups
  13. Mobile 

    1. TrackVia University On-Demand: Mobile Course
    2. iOS 4.0 Preview FAQ & Success Checklist
    3. How to download the TrackVia mobile app
    4. Mobile FAQs and Tips
    5. How to use your mobile device offline
  14. Sandbox & Account Backup 

    1. TrackVia University On-Demand: Sandbox Course
    2. How to create a sandbox
    3. How to backup and restore your account
    4. Creating a Promotable Sandbox
    5. Tracked Changes in your Sandbox
  15. Integration 

    1. TrackVia University On-Demand: Integration Courses
    2. TrackVia API
    3. API Authentication and Access
    4. Setting up Single Sign On
    5. Writing Application Scripts
  16. Product Release Notes 

    1. August 2021: iOS Mobile App v5.5 & Android Mobile App v4.0
    2. June 2021: TrackVia Integrations Connector Update: Test Recipes Against Sandbox Accounts
    3. June 2021 Web Enhancement: Revert a View to a Grid
    4. May 2021 Maintenance, Enhancements, and Mobile Preview
    5. April 2021 Chart and View Enhancements
  17. All articles 

    1. How to create a filter
    2. How to plot a record on a map
    3. July 2018: API Authentication & Access
    4. August 22, 2018 Release Notes: Maintenance
    5. Android Mobile App v2.22: Maintenance Release

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