How to Configure the Security Policy

Security Policy

TrackVia allows you to set password policies for your users. Since your enterprise data is critical to the success and viability of your business, we want to make it easier to protect by providing you with configurable password policy features and capabilities.  These settings can be found in your "Account Settings" under the "Security Policy" tab.  

Password Policy

The password policy section allows you to configure the character requirements of a password as well as the length of time until a password must be changed.  We would not recommend using the settings shown above as these would make the user change their 255-character password every day!

IP filtering Policy

This section allows you to specify a whitelist of IP addresses from which you can access your TrackVia account.  Any user that attempts to access your account from a device not specified in the whitelist will not be allowed to log in. This includes mobile devices and API integrations.  Be careful with this setting - if you enter an incorrect IP address, you will be logged out of your session and no one will be allowed back in!

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