November 2016 Release Notes


Introducing Cross App Connect!

Have you ever wanted to access data that lives in another TrackVia app? Want no longer. We are proud to announce a new feature that will allow you to connect applications and share data between applications, called “Cross App Connect”.

What is Cross App Connect?

Cross App Connect allows you to share resources between apps. For example, if you have a list of assets that might be needed to reference in another app, you can now share that table (+ all views, forms, filters, etc) with other apps. Likewise if an admin builds a new view on the shared ‘assets’ table, you’ll have access to that view as well, while still maintaining full control over how that information is represented in your app with roles and permissions.

How to connect apps?

Setup is easy, but you need to be a Super Admin to do it.

Anywhere you create a new table in TrackVia your will see a new option to “Connect a table from another app”.

Additional features and fixes in this release include:
Introducing Distance Filters Now you can filter location fields by distance in both quick filters and view filters.

Lanes View Counts and opening in new tab or window.  Lanes Views now have a summary count of all the cards within the view.  Users can now right click on a card and open in new tab/window

Collapsed Record ID will now follow branding schema’s action color instead of being grey.

Misc Fixes:

  • Fixed some sizing issues with image fields
  • Form re-direction fix
  • Filters defect fix where dragging a field into a filter builder would not allow users to select filter criteria. A very specific scenario is now supported.


Maintenance Release focused on App Scripts

  • Better support of Dropdown and Checkbox values, being able to addChild() and copying Dropdown and Checkbox fields into the new record.
  • Better support of date functions.  Now app scripts can access most date functions such as find the day of the week, find the month of the year etc.
  • Location field is now supported in App Scripts
  • Bulk Update and Delete is now supported.  Bulk Update and Delete ALL is still not support.
  • Additional App Script bug fixes

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