February 2017 Release Notes: Session Timeouts

02/13/2017 Maintenance Release

This maintenance release was based on several small defect fixes as well as a style refactor that should provide more consistent UI experience within TrackVia. 

Some of the fixes include:
  • Summary Views not loading when counting on Date Fields
  • Chart Drill Down Fixes
  • Quick Filter is wider to ensure that long relationship field values are more legible

02/06/2017 Session Timeouts 

Introducing Session Timeouts!

 We’re guessing you’ve likely encountered this feature before in other systems, so we’ll cut to the chase. When you implement Session Timeout in TrackVia, you are instructing all devices - computers, phones and tablets to lock the screen after a predetermined amount of time of being idle.

To set up Session Timeouts, just go to Security Policy tab in the account menu (under “My Account”). On the right side of the screen, you’ll see Session Activity Settings. Simply check the box, enter the desired idle time before timeout, and click ‘Save Security Settings’. 

What happens on web & mobile:


Oh, and by the way, we've implemented Biometric authentication (Touch ID on Apple and Fingerprint Authentication on Android) if your device supports it. :)

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