May 5, 2017: Better Connectivity Handling

Better Connectivity Handling!

No one likes losing internet! What's worse is losing data because of bad internet connectivity.  So TrackVia has implemented some better connectivity handling for our users while in the web app.  If users lose connectivity, this banner will show in the header:

                                    "Your computer seems to be offline.  Trying to reconnect..."

Once back online, TrackVia will refresh the page automatically ensuring that users have the most up to date information.

If a record is in the middle of being edited when connectivity is lost, then TrackVia will not reload the page upon regaining connectivity.  Instead, users keep whatever changes they have made and can save the changes to the system.  And voila, no loss of data due to loss of internet!

Note:  If users navigate away from the page while offline, then all changes will be lost.  This update is meant to address intermittent connectivity issues and not meant for full offline functionality.

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