May 2017 Release Notes

May Maintenance Release

Several different issues reported by customers and internally have been fixed:
  • Chart sharing issue with number fields has been fixed
  • Bar Graphs grouped by user field no longer display the user ID (a numeric value) but displays the actual name and email ID in the system.
  • Grid View Changes: 
Save and Save as New have been split into a more streamlined selection when modifying a view:

Set Grid Height to 0 will now remove a row height "max" that was constrained by TrackVia.  That means, if there are long paragraphs that users want to read, setting the grid height to 0 will remove the max restraint of 400 px.

  • Dependent Dropdown scrolling issue was fixed
  • Sharing issue with personalized or "Is Current User" data is fixed
  • Additional miscellaneous defect fixes

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