July 2017 Release Notes: Maintenance

Maintenance Release

Collapsible Sections for Web
  • Easily collapse large sections of fields on forms, on the web. Simply click the small arrow in the right corner of each section.

The title will continue to show but the rest of the section will be collapsed.

To collapse by default on web, go to the form editor and edit the section that needs to be collapsed on first load of the form.  There will be a checkbox that allows you to select "Collapse By Default".

Other fixes:
  • Grid alignment issues in certain browsers and certain zoom situations
  • Multi-Select fields on dashboard forms adding multiple records is fixed
  • Date/Time fields are now working correctly in Quick Filters
  • Better Checkbox formula support including emojis and special characters
  • Browser specific fixes for non-performant behavior
  • Intermittent Document and Picture upload issues fixed
  • Query params are now included in the response and the body of a POST request via Integrations

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