How to Use Decisions

Represented as a diamond in Flows, a Decision will allow admins to harness the logic and power of TrackVia to help end users automatically navigate to the next step.  This conditional logic will help eliminate manual processes that may cause error and confusion. If there is only one path to completing a specific process, then Decisions won’t be used. With a Decision, admins can say: "If a specific condition is true, then go to one Task. If not, then go to a different Task." Therefore, when using a Decision element, you must connect at least 2 other elements after it before setting up the conditions.
When editing or adding a Decision, an admin can:  
  • Name the result
  • Use a custom label for the save button
  • Add one or more conditions

The Decision in the image above is based on whether or not an inspection failed.  Admins will be able to label each result, which then labels the lines on the diagram, and set custom criteria through TrackVia's condition builder. 
Setting conditions for a Decision element is similar to setting conditions in other areas of TrackVia, such as the show hide condition builder on a custom form.  You will see the same AND/OR options, have the ability to choose a field and set the appropriate filter condition, and add multiple conditions and condition groups as needed. 

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