How to Use Variables

Found in the Flow's secondary tab of a Task’s edit panel, Variables carry values from one Task to the next. Variables are values entered by the end user and can change each time the end user goes through the Flow. These values may be used in subsequent steps of the flow to save double entry and ensure data integrity.

Variables can be used to:

  • Copy information from one step to the next
  • Search and navigate to the correct record (see Flows Part 2: Tasks)
  • Link child records to a parent record

As you can see from the image above, there are three settings for each Variable. The name of the Variable, the field which you are pulling the Variable from (the reference field), and the field that you wish to insert the Variable into (the assignment field). The reference field will show all fields from previous steps in a flow and the assignment field will show all fields in the current task.

NOTE: When using Variables, please note that the target Variable (assignment field) has a 1 to 1 relationship with the source Variable (the reference field). You cannot set up more than one Variable per assignment field.  Although TrackVia will allow you to do so, the current version of Flows will not support it.

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