Advanced Flow Building and Best Practices

Order of Operations

In a general sense Flows do not affect the current order of operations within TrackVia.  Any Flows "Decision” will be evaluated post record save and after all app scripts, integrations, calculated fields, and triggered fields have run.

Order of Operations without Flows:

Using a Flow, Order of Operations looks like:

The Decision will route the user after all the events have run on a Save operation.  If a decision is based on a calculated field, a triggered field or a field being populated by an app script in the previous step, the decision will work as expected.

Best Practices

  • The name of Flow will be the label of the button on a dashboard. Therefore, we recommend keeping the name short and starting with a verb. "Record Maintenance," "Perform Inspection," and "Receive Items" are all good examples.
  • Keep your forms clean. You can hide calculated fields and other data using the show/hide capabilities in the form builder.  This will avoid showing data on a form when you’d like to use it as a variable later in the Flow.
  • As discussed in Flows Part 2: Tasks, it is best to limit the fields in a view that will be searched with a variable to avoid extraneous records being returned.

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