Order of Operations

Order of Operations

Standard Order of Operations in TrackVia

Application Scripts (app scripts) in TrackVia are an advanced tool available to all admins to write business logic scripts that automate adding and updating record data within your platform. For more information about app scripts, see Writing Application Scripts.

Microservices are an optional capability within TrackVia to write custom integrations using our open API. This is an extra feature that must be enabled for your account. For more information about Microservices, contact your account manager.

The graphic below outlines the standard order of operations within TrackVia when using Application Scripts and Microservices.

NOTE: This graphic shows the standard order of operations assuming you have selected to run the Microservice synchronously. If you have selected Asynchronous, that Microservice will run asynchronously to the order of operations shown here.

Order of Operations and Flows

Flows follow the standard order of operations described above. Any time the user clicks the Save button (which may be relabeled within the Flow as Next, Continue, or some other text), TrackVia will follow the standard order of operations. Decisions within a Flow will be evaluated at the end of this order of operations, after all app scripts, Microservices, calculated fields and triggered fields have run. The Decision will route the user after all the events have run on a Save operation (see the graphic below).

Because a Decision in a Flow runs after all events have run on a Save operation, you can use triggered and calculated fields as the selected fields for a condition for the Decision. The triggered and calculated fields will have populated in TrackVia after the user clicked Save on the form prior to the Decision.

A note for advanced admins with complicated child auto-creation scenarios: If you are creating a parent record on a table with scripts that run “After Insert”, and while creating that parent record you are also adding child records via a multi-select, the scripts run before the child records are created. We know, it makes our heads hurt, too.

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