February 2018 Release Notes: More Intelligent Saving & Other Notes

Hey TrackVians, a few updates for you.

More intelligent saving 

You may have noticed that the ‘Save’ button on your forms is not greyed out anymore. That is because we’ve greatly improved our error handling on required fields and unique fields.

Before, we’d grey out the save button on a form until all required fields were filled in. While technically that works to stop users from submitting the form, it was arduous sometimes on big forms to try to find the one field that was required. 

Today, the ‘Save’ button is always available, and if there is a problem submitting the form (like a required field not being filled in, or a value not being unique), the form will hop down to the section of the form that has the issue and highlight the field with details about the error.

Take a look at the gif below as an example:

Smarter Save Logic

Remember this?

You used to see this modal way too often, and not at the right times. In many cases you were seeing this message because you were navigating away from a form that had one or more default values applied. Because of these default values, the form thought you’d made a change, so it wanted to warn you that you might lose some work if you didn’t save it.

Well as of now, we’ve updated the “Save” logic so that the form will know if you’ve actually changed something on the form vs assuming you had because there was a default value populating a field. 

Smoother Flows

Remember way back when, when you needed to ‘edit’ some value on a form before moving forward in a flow? Well, we changed that as well.

The system used to require you to 'change' something on the form to move forward, like adding some information or clicking a checkbox. Now, that is no longer necessary. 

This change is for both web and mobile. 

Per usual, please reach out with questions and/or comments!

thank you

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