March 2018 Release Notes: Maintenance


We slotted a few enhancements into this maintenance release that we're excited to share with you!

  • New and improved color picker on the form builder and conditional formatting builder.  It combines the previous two versions so users can choose from the grid or from the gradient or add their own hex code. 

Further, until the browser is refreshed, the color picker will keep previously used colors in the bottom row.

  • In the Flow Builder, the order of results in a decision step can be rearranged by dragging them in the Edit Panel.

  • App Admins can now use CTRL+S or CMD+S to save Tables, Roles, Forms and Filters.  This key combo was already available to save records.
  • The size of Link (URL) fields in the database has been increased from 255 characters to 65,000 characters to accomodate extra long URL's. Because of this change, a user will no longer be able to designate a Link (URL) field UNIQUE in the Table Builder.
  • Previously, when a view was marked offline in the Role Designer, its child and grandchild views were automatically marked offline.  To avoid confusion, a user will now need to mark each view offline separately.
  • Sorting a column in a grid, a.k.a. Using “Quick Sort”, will prompt a user to save the view. 


We've fixed a number of bugs as well as made some performance improvements under the hood.  Thanks for your feedback, keep it coming! 
  • Timeline | Calendar - When the same field was used as the start date and end date in setting up a Timeline | Calendar, the record could not be dragged 1 day.

  • Timeline | Calendar - Records displaying on the wrong date in a Timeline | Calendar view when a user’s TrackVia Profile had been set to a different timezone from the person who created the record.

  • Timeline | Calendar view changing display based on computer’s timezone settings.

  • Bulk delete of records locking for large tables that contain document fields.

  • Summary Views - Dates exporting incorrectly for summary views and summary view export breaking when quick filter is applied.

  • SSO - SSO will no longer fail if a client has updated their certificate.

  • Scripts - App scripts were creating duplicate notifications.

  • Filters - “Not equal to” filter not working in all situations.

  • Views - Not being able to search in a child view if it contained a parent field that was indexed.

  • Type-ahead search in a Link To Parent field changing capital letters to lower case.

  • Flows - A flow was skipping a step when a view task using a variable was changed to an edit task.

  • Users’ Time Zones were updating erroneously. They're not anymore.

  • Deleting a relationship from child to grandparent could break dependent dropdown rules.

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