How to create a sandbox

TrackVia Sandbox is a premium feature available for super admin users to create a copy of their entire TrackVia account, including all applications and associated records, at a point in time. The sandbox gives the super admin 'a safe place to play' and modify their application(s) in a non-production environment.

To Create a Sandbox:

1. From the user menu, select Sandbox Environments.

2. Click the Create A Sandbox button.

3. Enter a name for the Sandbox and Confirm.

4. A message will display confirming the Sandbox creation is in progress and you will receive an email when it is ready for use.

5. Once complete, navigate to the Sandbox Environments and click Launch Sandbox to begin.


Note: When viewing the Sandbox Environments landing page, the Last Updated date refers to the most recent date and time a change was made to the structure of an application in your production account. If the Sandbox timestamp is before the Production date, this signifies your applications are out of sync. A super admin can create or delete a sandbox any number of times, according to the number of sandboxes allowed in their account.

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