WebMerge: Connecting TrackVia to WebMerge

What is WebMerge?

WebMerge is a third-party online platform that allows TrackVia users to populate and deliver a document with data from their TrackVia applications. WebMerge supports multiple document types (.pdf, .docx., .xlsx), dynamic content, and delivery options ranging from storing the document in TrackVia to emailing non-TrackVia users.

Through TrackVia's Integrations framework, we offer a user-configurable method for connecting a TrackVia account to a WebMerge account.

Connecting WebMerge

The steps a TrackVia Admin must take to establish a connection with WebMerge are:
  1. Contact your TrackVia Account Executive to set up a WebMerge account
  2. Complete the Pre-Installation Checklist
  3. Create WebMerge templates
  4. Configure the WebMerge Integration
See below for details on each of these steps. For information on working with an already configured WebMerge integration, please see the WebMerge Integration FAQs or visit the WebMerge Knowledge Base.

Connecting WebMerge: Pre-Installation

An email titled Getting Started with TrackVia and WebMerge will be sent from support@trackvia.com to the email address associated with your TrackVia WebMerge account. This email will confirm the WebMerge Account has been established and will contain important information to help you log in for the first time.

Once your WebMerge account has been established, you'll need to log in and enable API Access. You may also be prompted to create an API Key, which you'll need. From the User Profile menu, select API Access. On this screen, you'll be prompted to create an API Key and Secret. The API Key and Secret will need to be copied for use during setup in TrackVia.

As part of enabling your WebMerge account, TrackVia's Support Team will add a new application to your TrackVia account called WebMerge Templates. This application will have a table called WebMerge Templates and a WebMerge Setup dashboard. Additionally, the Integrations feature will be enabled for your account if it is not already active. The WebMerge Integration will also require permission to make changes to your account, by connecting tables in your existing applications to the WebMerge Templates app. 

For more information on account changes, please see the WebMerge: Account Changes article.

Connecting WebMerge: Templates

Before connecting TrackVia with WebMerge, you'll need to create at least one WebMerge template. Templates are the documents into which TrackVia data is populated. Templates can be created in Word (.docx), Excel (.xlsx) or PDF formats. WebMerge provides support for template creation here.

Connecting WebMerge: Configure the Integration

Once the Pre-Installation Process is complete and at least one WebMerge Template has been created, the Integration between WebMerge and TrackVia can be configured.

From the Application menu in TrackVia, select the Web Merge Templates application.

From the WebMerge Setup dashboard, click Verify and Begin and sign into TrackVia.

Select Authorize to allow access to TrackVia protected resources. 

Enter your WebMerge API Key and Secret, copied from your WebMerge account.

Select your WebMerge template and the appropriate resources in TrackVia. You will need to designate the Application, Table, and Form from which the integration will pull data. Additionally, you may optionally include one Child View from the Form into a WebMerge template.

Next, map fields from TrackVia to their corresponding WebMerge placeholders. Only fields from the TrackVia form selected in the previous step will be available for selection. If Child View data has been included, select the name of the Child View. 

Once the field mappings are submitted, a confirmation message on the screen will display once the integration has finished processing. 

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