Views & Quick Filter Updates

Views & Quick Filters Updates

TrackVia enables you to collect all sorts of important data about your business.  Views are how you are able to extract meaning from that data. We’re excited to announce a number of enhancements to this important component of TrackVia so that you can more easily get value from all of the data you collect.

Quick Filters are more powerful than ever!

Quick Filters have been enhanced by adding OR conditions and conditional groups.  There is also a new look and feel to Quick Filters.
  • The AND | OR setting determines whether all of the filter conditions in the group need to be met (AND), or any of the filter conditions in the group need to be met (OR) for a record to appear in the view. You can now toggle between AND | OR using the drop-down menu at the left side of each filter or filter group in Quick Filters.
  • To accomplish more sophisticated filtering you’ll need to utilize 2 levels of filter groups. For example, you might want to find all records that have "Company Name [is identical to] [Verizon]" OR "Company Name [is identical to] [Apple]", and of those records, only include those that have "Invoice Date [is after] [Last Year]". In this example, a single filter group won't work. We need to create one filter group that matches Apple OR Verizon, and then join that filter group with "AND Invoice Date".  Conditional groups allow you to do this.

Views Have a New Look & Feel

We made a number of improvements under the hood so views are more performant and easier to use.
  • Related Views Menu

    • Views in the Related Views dropdown are now listed in alphabetical order

      • The “Default” view is still at the top of the list

    • There is a new search box to search the list of related view

  • View Options Menu

    • There is a new checkmark to indicate when a view has conditional formatting applied, and/or is a Lanes, Timeline|Calendar or Maps view

  • Other Forms Menu

    • Forms in the Other Forms dropdown are now listed in alphabetical order

      • The “Default” form is still at the top of the list

  • Form Options Menu

    • The new look and feel also applies to the Form Options menu


Lanes & Map Views Now Show More Records

  • Lanes views now show up to 250 records, up from the previous limit of 100

  • Map views now show up to 1000 records, up from the previous limit of 100

    • The number of records on a maps view can be toggled between 100, 500, 1000

    • This view now has pagination to see additional records if there are more than the selected limit

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