WebMerge: Account Changes

Summary of Account Changes Required by WebMerge

When connecting your TrackVia account to WebMerge, you are granting permission changes to be made to your account. The TrackVia Support team will make some of these changes and the Integration with WebMerge will also make changes. New resources will be added to your account and they will connect with existing resources. These include:
  • An Integration called WebMerge Integration will be added to your account
  • A new application titled WebMerge Templates App will be created.
  • A table titled WebMerge Templates will be added to this application. When the integration is configured, this table will become a Parent Table to any tables used as source data for WebMerge. The relationship will be called Link to WebMerge - ###. The ### will reflect the underlying table ID number of the Source Data table. Please note: This relationship name cannot be changed. 
  • A dashboard titled WebMerge Setup will be created in this app.
  • A table called WebMerge Destination - ### will be added as a child to any tables used as Source Data for WebMerge.
  • A view called WebMerge Filtered View - ### with a filter called WebMerge Filter - ### will be created.
  • A field called WebMerge Error Field will be added to the Source Data tables. Please note: This field name cannot be changed.
The image below summarizes these application changes with newly added resources in Green.

Your existing application will reflect these changes in the ERD view.

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