August 22, 2018 Release Notes: Maintenance

What's New

  • When creating a new condition in the Flows Builder, an empty condition field is automatically added to help the user get started.

What's Fixed


  • When in a sandbox and opening a link in a new window or new tab we opened the tab in your production account.  That was weird and a bit unexpected, so we’re now opening the tab in your sandbox account. Keep playing out there.

  • When creating a new app inside of a sandbox, a blank background was displayed.  We fixed this, sorry about that.

  • Search data shortcut were showing records from outside of the view it was on.  We’ve updated it so that it only shows you records from the view the shortcut is on.

API Authentication:

  • User Profile Information page: There were some grammatical errors on the API User tooltip.  We value spelling and grammar, so we updated this.

  • Login: When trying to login as an API user, only an infinite spinner was displayed.  Infinite spinners are fun while you’re trying to get dizzy, not so fun when you don’t know what’s going on.  To be sure, API User accounts are not allowed to log into the product and should be shown an error message if you try to do so.


  • Form Builder: Fixed an issue where the Created By User field was out of sight on the left navigation when building a form.  It’s now shown, and infinitely happier for not being left out.

  • Clicking the Share button didn’t consistently share records.  It’s now consistent.

Record/Audit History:

  • Long application user names were not recorded properly in audit history.  

  • Some numbers weren’t being formatted correctly in the audit history.  We fixed the formatting for numeric fields so they’re more accurate.

  • Fixed empty field being replaced with the new value (e.g. "Changed from 4 to 4" is now "Changed from empty to 4").

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