December 2018 Release Notes: Web Maintenance

Thanks for your feedback!  We squashed a few bugs in the Dashboard and Flow Builder, plus some miscellaneous improvements.  

What's Fixed: 


  • Dashboards on mobile clients were not always displaying views in the same order as the web. New dashboards will be in the correct order. For existing dashboards, removing an element, adding it back, and then saving the dashboard will cause it to render correctly.
  • On the Dashboard bar, using + New to create a new dashboard would take you to the Dashboard Builder of the home app.
  • Cancelling the creation of a dashboard will now take you back to the previous page.


  • Some users were unable to delete elements in the Flow Builder.  This is now fixed!
  • When a flow element was changed in the Flow Builder, iOS would error for a limited user.  This has been fixed!
  • The Flow Builder would freeze when editing a large flow with condition groups in the decision step. This has been fixed!


  • Dependent Dropdown values were not always displaying after editing a record.  They now display appropriately.
  • Customized theme was not always displaying.  We have fixed this! 

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