iOS 4.0 Preview FAQ & Success Checklist


TrackVia would like to invite you to experience the “TrackVia iOS 4.0 Preview”: an exciting early release of our completely redesigned iOS app.

This new iOS app was completely re-architected and re-engineered from the ground up to provide a faster, cleaner, and more modern solution.

To understand what’s included in this upcoming release, we’ve outlined a few notable highlights we think you are going to love:
  • Offline, Redesigned. Not only adding records offline, but now you can edit them, too.
  • Brand New Sync Center. Faster download times and improved caching functionality.
  • Simplified Navigation and User Experience. More familiar iOS controls and layouts to make the entire application easier and more intuitive to navigate.
The TrackVia Forms and data entry experience on iOS has also received an extensive upgrade on design and usability:
  • New icons for all field types for quick visual reference while entering data.
  • Enter street addresses into location fields.
  • New split-view multi-select experience to see all your unselected and selected items.
  • Native iOS Files app integration for selecting documents from your device or iCloud.
  • Simpler, inline signature fields for quicker signing without leaving the form.
  • Significant image upload and image annotation performance improvements.
There are only a sample of everything that is packed into this new release, so we encourage you to download the "TrackVia iOS 4.0 Preview" and experience the changes for yourself!


Please visit this link to download the 
“TrackVia iOS 4.0 Preview”
Since this is a preview release, once downloaded onto your device, there is one more step to use the app. See this help doc for details.
Note: Installing the "Track Via iOS 4.0 Preview" app will not replace your current App Store version. You can continue to use the existing
experience until the Track Via iOS 4.0 is released to the App Store. 

Also, we would love to hear your feedback! Please share your opinions, ideas, and issues with the Preview app by visiting our release forum.


4.0 Preview: Available for download today!
4.0 App Store Release: Available to public June 24th.


As the TrackVia platform continues to evolve with new enterprise features, we understand the need for our mobile platforms to evolve with it. 

We strive to seamlessly offer you, our customers, these features on mobile while also leveraging the latest technologies and frameworks made available to us by Apple.

Expectations of TrackVia iOS 4.0 Preview

  • Update your devices to iOS 11.0+ to download the new app.
  • Inform your team the new app will be available for update on June 24th via the App Store.
  • Confirm your team sync uploads all offline data prior to upgrading to the new app.
  • To test the new offline experience, confirm your roles have offline resources configured in advance.

Success Checklist

  • Make sure your devices are updated to iOS 11.0 or above.
  • Let your team know the new app is coming June 24.
  • Make sure your team uploads all outstanding records on their devices before upgrading to the new app.
  • If you are using the app offline, make sure you have your offline tables set up in advance. Contact Support at 1-800-673-3302 or email

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the final app?

No! This is just a preview of the app that will launch on June 24th. Because we've made so many changes, we wanted to give you a heads up of what's to come. Feel free to test out your account in this app, and make sure to give us feedback.

Do I have to download the "Preview" app?

No! You don't have to download the Preview app. This is just a heads up in case you'd like to see the changes in the new app in advance.

If I download this "Preview" app, will it overwrite my existing TrackVia app?

No, it will not.

The new app will have a different color icon on your phone and will be called "Preview."

What credentials should I use to sign into this "Preview" app?

Use your normal TrackVia credentials to sign in.

What happens if I change data in this "Preview" app?

If you use your TrackVia credentials, you will be viewing data in your production account through this new iPhone app, so any changes you make will be live.

TrackVia iOS 4.0 supports any existing sandboxes you might have, so if you're going to change data, you might want to sign into a sandbox first and then test changing data.

How can I give feedback on the "Preview" app?

We've set up a special Google group for the conversation:!forum/trackvia-ios/new

Can I send this "Preview" app to my end users?

Yes. You can send the link out, and they can download and see the new TrackVia iOS 4.0 app on their own. Because this link is outside the App Store, a few extra steps are needed after download to use the app. See this help doc for details.

Will this app work after launch of TrackVia iOS 4.0 in the App Store?

Yes, but this "Preview" app is by no means a replacement of the app in the Apple App Store. It's a preview of what's to come!

Should I keep the old app for a little while longer?

Yes, you can keep the current version of our app on your phone as well. We'd invite you to look at both to better understand the differences.

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