iOS Mobile App v4.1: Updates to Grid Views, Multi Select Widgets and Date/Time Stamps

What's New

Scroll to view all records in a grid view

  • Infinite scroll added to grid views.  Initially up to 50 records are displays. If more than 50 records exist in a grid, swipe up to view more records until all are displayed.               

Maximum display for non-grid view lists increased to 500

  • Increased the number of items that will display users, user groups, link to parent lists, and multi-select widgets to 500.

Storing Date/Time Stamps

  • Storing of Date/Time Stamp fields has been reverted to match previous iOS app versions.  As in the pre-4.0 app, now seconds are not stored nor included in calculations.

Dependent Drop Downs and Multi Select Widgets

  • Items available in a multi select widget will respect the dependent dropdown display conditions.  Only see the items associated with the dependent drop down in an associated multi select widget. 


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